Modular Polycarbonate Greenhouse Spring 2
9.9′ x 19.7′ x 6.6′
(3 m x 6 m x 2 m)

$2,499.00 + tax

Delivery 100 кm from Montreal included!

The standard greenhouse set contains:

– polycarbonate

– frame

– 1 door with window (front)

– 1 window (back)

Side window you can purchase for an additional price.

The mounting kit includes clips for the base, screws, nuts, tape, polycarbonate profiles.


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The greenhouses have simple and reliable designs with galvanized steel frames and a polycarbonate coating with thickness of 6 mm and UV protection.

Polycarbonate Panels:

–          Lightweight, transparent, reliable

–          100% UV protection

–          Keeps the right temperature and microclimate

–          Resistant to cold, heat, snow and wind

–          No need to remove the greenhouse in winter

Galvanized steel frames:

–          Arc shaped frames allow the snow to easily slide off the surface

–          Heavy duty, durable, reliable and rust resistant

Made in Europe

3-year warranty

Additional Information

– Ideal for growing your own organic vegetables, fruits and herbs.
– The period of use is from March to October.
– Protects your garden from wind, rain, snow and other weather surprises.
– A greenhouse protects yours plants from most animals
– The greenhouse requires minimal care and maintenance.
– Professional installation recommended on a treated wood base, it will give you 3 years warranty and long-term use.


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9.9′ x 19.7′ x 6.6′
(3 m x 6 m x 2 m)”

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